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RouteTactile - The world at your fingertips

RouteTactile - The world at your fingertips

2. Refine the area on the map

Pan or zoom the area shown on the map for optimal use on the tactile map. Click in and around the map or use one of the exploration functions to accurately determine the desired area.

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Map of: The world

Map height: 17583.3 kilometres
Map width: 24939.5 kilometres

Paper format for map: A4, landscape

Pan area North West Pan area North Pan area North East
Pan area West
The world
Pan area East
Pan area South West Pan area South Pan area South East


Select a factor and then use the zoom and pan buttons.

Factor for panning & zooming: 5% 10% 25% 50% 75% 100%
Zoom level: 1 

3. Convert to tactile map

The map shown above has to be converted to a map in relief with optimal tactile usability. You can select which elements (layers) are depicted in the map and which registers are needed.

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